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Code Optimization

by Aptronix Solution

About This Service

The source code on the website is what the spiders read to conclude where your site should show up in the rankings (along with many other factors) and having code optimization done will make sure that all of the related webpages of your site are accurately indexed. Aptronix Solution apply best practices such as externalizing CSS and JavaScript and eliminating white space and comments in the code that can stop the spiders from finding and indexing your content in a timely and efficient manner.

Code Optimization improves code quality with efficiency. Data can be converted into smaller size which consume less storage and execute more quickly. Optimization helps to improve and perform less operations.

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Big Data Analysis

Web page speed and performance is very important to the user experience. If your site is too slow, you’ll not only be losing visitors, but also potential customers. When optimizing your site’s speed, you should take everything into consideration. By picking the right image format, you can optimize file sizes without losing image quality.


SEO Specialty

Another important key factor when it comes to code optimization for SEO is page load time. Aptronix Solution ensures that your pages load rapidly and are therefore indexed rapidly. This step is not always essential in the optimization process- though that will be evaluated throughout the website analysis phase of the campaign.

Caching System

If you find that your site is connecting to your database in order to create the same content, it’s time to start using a caching system. By having a caching system in place, your site will only have to create the content once instead of creating the content every time the page is visited by your users. 

Better Conversion

Optimizing your website’s speed strengthens your SEO approach improves user experience, so you can go forward with confidence that your keywords and content will usher in conversions and revenue. Beginning at rates between $900-$1000, you can have access to a team of SEO experts that can boost your business even further. 

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