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Ways to improve Work life Balance

Having a work-life Balance is really tough these days. Specially when we all are competing ourselves in money based rat race. Daily working hours and no holidays adds more pressure and stress to our lives. These all factors ultimately sabatoge our personalities. Most of the people priortize their proffessional life over personal.

Specially amid 2020 Covid situation was a eye opener, Some got their life sorted and some found it way difficult to balance while working remotely.

Significance of Balanced Lifestyle-

Mental and physical stability is must. Work-life balance really effects employee’s performance and creativity. Having the same routine daily diminish their productivity at work. Companies these days focus on their teams work and their happiness too.Their level of engagement boosts more for the company and this ought to create a beautiful workplace for them. Having a proper work-life balance is going to benifit the company and their employees too. 

Ways to achieve Balance:

  • Make a proper Schedule is going to do wonders for you. Undoubtedly this may sound more like school times but believe me having a Time Table based on your daily routine helps you a lot to spare your time for extra things and freshen up a little. Make a TO-DO list and mention particulat time for that. Don’t spend a second extra on it. Work strictly according to your schedule.
  • Ensure Personal time and dedicate atleast an hour to yourself. Make full use of this time by reading books, novels, watching your favourite movie, painting, learning a new skill, a time out with your friends or family…. whatever you feel like doing… just do. Have your personal space apart from work and daily routine to work on yourself. This will be a meditation to you which will further help you icrease your focus.
  • Plan Vacations in holidays with your family or friends to spend time apart from the daily life. Have fun and get out from the comfort zone. Make new friends , go on trips, eat variety of food, do new things and enjoy each day.
  • Morning Walks are a therapy. Try to wake up early in the morning and go for a run. A fresh environment lighten up your body and mind to do better work daily. Starting a day like this will keep you energised whole day.

These way are just a start. Set up your goals and transform yourself to achieve them. Focus on your time and energy. Try to remain positive most of the times. It is easy to fall in trap of money but getting out of it and making your life fecund is a task. Implementing a work-life balance is the key to long term success.

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