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How to combine PPC and SEO for maximum benefit

There are infinite approaches to successful digital marketing plans. Sometimes the unexpected ones get a U-turn and create a thunder. The online world is fickle, and it evolves every single day.

The internet’s refusal to sit still for even a short amount of time can be frustrating to digital marketers, especially those trying to boost their smaller companies or startups. You want to appeal to your customer base, but you also want to play by the rules that will land you on the front page of Google. Is there a simple way to do both?

Aptronix Solution help new marketers understand how to combine strategies for maximum conversions, sales, and ultimately, profit. Combining more and more plans will definitely prove to be monumental. You don’t have to focus on one strategy, rather allow complementing tactics to develop alongside one another. The Combination of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is perfect example of how collaboration of things can take digital presence to new heights. SEO makes sure you rank High in search pages and PPC ensures you cost for a click by interested clients.

Search marketing involves:

  • On-Page Optimization – Making changes to your website metadata and keywords (and your keyword consistency) ensures that it is easily understood and ranked by search engines.
  • Link Building – Linking back to your website through various online platforms and other websites build relevance and trust in search engines’ eyes.
  • PPC – When businesses pay for advertising only when online users click through to their landing pages, that is called Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Irrelevant or accidental traffic that does not convert poses far more of an issue than with organic marketing strategies.

As a starter you need to stand out of the box against your competitors while gaining larger audience. Most people who use Google as their preferred search engine don’t usually go to the second page of results for a query. That’s why it is so important to rank on the first page of results. Essentially, by providing a well-executed PPC ad and pairing it with high rankings for the same relevant keywords, you are giving potential clients two ways to access your website. There is an added benefit of perceived brand authority by the user when your services are shown in a search as both an ad and an organic search result. Once you get Potential customers on your web all you need to do is to give them good quality and product. After that we need to see our conversion rates in last few months. The first step to make sure your site is well optimized is to tap into your analytics and check out the bounce rate of your landing pages.

This is going to tell you about the impact of your efforts. Also as i said it is a sheer matter of luck which strategies create bizarre and which one create miracles. Exonift always focus on getting the best out of everythig for thier clients and we seek honest feedbacks to grow… !!!


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