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Today we believe in quality of life. We want the best for us and our brand. Building a reputation is crucial part of marketing. Search is the fundamental source of traffic. Everyone wants to be on top in online and offline world. Digital marketing is reaching heights these days. SEO here steps forward for us.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) increase the traffic and value of your website. SEO is effective marketing strategy. Basically, it improves your visibility in search pages. No doubt it creates a perspective of your work.

Once people start finding you in their search engine, more traffic you will get for your website and more they will relate to your content. We can portray our information in a presentable and easy way. SEO is how a marketer will approach you. Setting up analytical programs glorifies your conversion rate rapidly. SEO makes our site worthy in its position and therefore highly recommendable.    

Components of SEO

On page SEO – Earning a relevant and demanding traffic is a task. On page SEO is a wonderful opportunity to earn identity for your page. It basically includesproviding a proper content using your keyword. We can add

  • Tittle
  • Keywords
  • Headings (h1 and h2)
  • Images
  • HTML codes
  • Paragraphs
  • Internal and external links

These help in getting your website in a better position as compared to others.

Website performances can be improved by minimizing amount of CSS. But for on page SEO we have to keep ourselves updated and should have knowledge of trending things.

Off page SEO – Off page SEO refers to external signals and links. Things we do away from our website creates a background for it too. The links are a fundamental part. It comprises of

  • Backlinks
  • Domain
  • Social promotion

The biggest factor here is backlinks because it provides organic traffic to you through different websites.

 Google grants you domain authority by watching the number of backlinks you have. Of course, higher domain authority is given preference and tends to appear on top. Furthermore, your content is good or not doesn’t bother your ranking if it is placed in the top pages. Social media promotion is always icing on the cake.


We just have to ensure our website is well structured and keywords are refined. Just keep your content upgrade and create your point of view. 40% of the success of website depends on SEO.

 Hard work definitely pays off. Keep patience and you will climb up on the top.

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