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How to become a creative writer?

Every writer thinks of this at some stage of his/her life. Creativity doesn’t come in a shot. It takes months years …. a whole life sometimes to be creative or think out of the box. I took 4 years to think and understand the fact that I too can write and express myself confidently. Believe me it takes a lot of courage and determination. Few lucky ones get a chance to show what they got and succeed over it.

Creativity is act of defiance. My motivation started when I read this quote somewhere on the internet. So here are some tips that I came up with;

  • Clear your thoughts. Go take a shower, seriously. Get up go gym. Think of something that makes u alive. Freshen up yourself. Make up your mind. And stop overthinking. Take your dog to walk.Watch tv and comedy shows. Once your mind gets purified, you will be full of ideas.
  • Read novels. This one is my personal favorite one. Not everyone is fond of novels. But the one who reads knows what I mean. Novels are heaven for me. Actually you yourself are the best source of inspiration for you. In SEO circles, identifying under performing content and re optimizing is considered a good way to boost your website.
  • Start from basics. Okay assume you are a blogger now. Start writing your thoughts on dairy for starters. Take articles from around and start writing. Some basic topics I can suggest ;
    • if I had 20 million dollar what would I do…
    • my favorite or dream destinations…
    • why writing is my passion…
    • the first time when I used some gadget or product…
    • the best thing in me or the best thing I discovered….

Talk about anything and everything.

  • Set deadlines. Of course, we are humans, 21St generation, we don’t force ourselves to work hard if there isn’t any deadline. So yes, give yourself a limited time because that will help you focus your mind. Forcing creativity is not good but having fixed things will inspire you.
  • Skip big paragraphs. If you are in the middle of a big writing project and you find yourself struggling, skip it and move on. I do this very often and this gives a curious effect on my mind. When I see me struck I an para .. I skip it for a while, I listen some crack music freshen up myself and I continue writing it or I do this the other day. See, creativity cant come to you when you are getting frustrated or tensed. Try to relax and manage your time accordingly.
  • Ask for suggestions. Once you finish writing, if you are not confident of it … ask someone to help or suggest. Friends and parents play a major role in motivating and giving honest feedbacks too. Don’t hesitate, at last they will never let you down.

So start writing no matter what. Create the things you wish existed. If you cant get it right for the first time Don’t worry your next chapter is going to be amazing.

Good luck guysssss !!!!!!!!!


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